10-05   The Cost of Dealing with Demons

We recently released a full novel set in the Mayhem world. You can find it on amazon's Kindle service, at the following address: The Cost of Dealing with Demons

Midnight Campaign Games

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Light Fast Frantic
Family Card Game

It's a well known fact that the bigger goblins beat up on the smaller goblins, bullying them and generally making life difficult. Since the only way to become a bigger goblin is to eat as much as possible, this makes breakfast in the Goblin Warren a very, very important meal. When the Goblin Matron dumps food onto the table, it becomes a frenzied struggle where basic table-manners are nowhere to be found, and where the goal is simple: Eat as much as you can, and try not to let others eat more.

This fast, light card game is perfect for families. Taking only 15 minutes to play, it's easy enough for younger children, but fun and strategic enough for adults to enjoy. With art being penned by Travis Hansen from Beanleaf Press, we hope to have this game ready for purchase early 2014. Come playtest it with us at our Demonstrations!

Also, it is worth noticing that Goblin's Breakfast was a finalist in the 2014 Ion Awards, and was selected for the PAX South Indie Tabletop Showcase.

Large Group
Storytelling Game

The Fae Queen Mab has abducted the players from their homes and has charged them with a relatively simple task: Provide the evening's entertainment. Of course, being Mab, this entertainment takes the form of 17 deadly challenges. If the players can survive these challenges, the Good Queen, being occasionally fair and merciful, has promised them their freedom...

Like the Queen herself, this game is neither kind nor fair, but guaranteed to be spectacular fun. Designed to play in large groups, with no dice or maps, this is a true group-storytelling adventure, and can be played as a party game, able to play up to 12 players. It has been illustrated by the talented Jynette Tigner.

A link is available below to purchase the PDF E-book. (Watch for the print copy coming soon!)

Fantasy Adventure
Roleplaying Game

Divine swordsmen clash with malicious demons. Exotic fae struggle against ever-expanding civilized humanity, and spell-slinging mages do battle with martial warriors in a fantastic sword-and sorcery adventure.

Mayhem is our flagship project, an original role-playing game with tremendous strategic depth and vividstorytelling. Featuring the Skill Die mechanics, Combat Clock timing system and Feedback Magic system, the Mayhem game plays quickly and easily, but keeps great strategic depth. Vivid, engaging character concepts and vast customizable options make sure that your characters are entertaining and unique.

The first volume of the game is complete, and below are buttons to purchase both a print copy and a PDF e-book version. However, if you'd like to try it out first, we also have a couple of demo copies of the book, a completley playable copy of the game in Black and White, or some examples in full color.

Also included below are links to some useful playing resources. Character sheets, a printable combat wheel, and pre-generated characters.

Last, there is also a link to playtesting materials. This is advanced content from Mayhem Volume II, and to be frank, we could use your help! These PDF's include both the arcane magics, as well as additional races and talents. Try them out, if you like, and be sure to let us know what you think in our discussion forums. This is, at base, a fan project, so we'd love to have your input and ideas.


Rhaelin the sylph is in serious trouble. Working as a junior professor at the Kardan University, she takes on what seems like a harmless favor for a friend, tracking down a missing arcane creature. Unfortunately, pursuing that favor pus her neck deep in demonic intrigues. Dodging succubi, cockroach demons, vraaj and worse, she has to find the creature, try to keep her job and preferably not get killed in the process.

Making matters worse, she begins to suspect that someone is manipulating her, pushing her into increasingly more dangerous situations. It's entirely possible that the demons, though murderous and frightening, are really the least of her concerns...

Shadow Games is a complete novel written in the Mayhem universe. The style and tone, however, are structured more like urban fantasy detective stories, similar to works like Jim Butcher's Dresden Files or Ilona Andrew's Kate Daniels novels. Character-driven plot events highlight interpersonal conflicts, but with a good dose of action and snark to keep it light.

We are currently seeking outside publication for this project, so stay tuned for further details. Follow the link below for sample chapters.

Sample Chapters