2/10/13 - After a ludicrous amount of work, The Mayhem game has finally seen the light of day. We got our small shipment of books last week, for the Salt Con, and we're set up for print-on-demand services.

On to Volume 2!


VIVID CHARACTERS - The Mayhem game provides a wide variety of great character concepts, including divine, demonic, animal, fae, and even undead and shapeshifters. More than 30 base character concepts can combine with a wide variety of skill, magic, and martial combat abilities that create near infinite combinations, to keep your characters fresh and interesting through dozens of campaigns.

STRATEGIC DEPTH - The Combat Clock timing mechanic, Feedback Magic system, and Skill Die sytem for attributes and skill checks make the Mayhem game an elegant system, with incredible tactical depth. This system makes the timing and location of their actions as important to victory as how many bonuses they can string together, and runs smoothly for quick, tactical combat.

ENGAGING STORYTELLING - The Crimson Realms world, included in the book, provides a wide variety of environments and adventuring hooks for your characters to explore. This book also provides a chapter on storytelling technique, resources for preparing and running your games in a way that best fits your gaming group's style, and provides tools for building engaging stories that will keep your players coming back for more.

REQUISITES - The Mayhem game requires that players have access to gaming dice (preferably a lot of them,) from four-sided to twelve-sided dice, which can be found at any game store or online. It also helps to have figures or tokens, as are used in many role-playing games, and a gaming map. Character sheets and a black and white PDF of the book are included above, for free use without further sale or distribution.