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Postby TheMatt » Fri May 09, 2014 11:50 am

Make a random generator that strings these together, and you've got the bones for a session.

Framed for Murder (Dark street, bloody dagger, caught surprised, in the lanternlight, by the guards).
Not Framed for Murder (Their penchant for killing strangers catches up to them, PCs are pursued by the law)
Free the Prisoner (A valuable person is in a secure and well guarded location, and must be freed)
Gain a Hostage (Heroes are given a hostage as a surety for the good behavior of a NPC; she escapes).
Leave a Hostage (Heroes must leave one of their number vulnerable in the clutches of an NPC).
Arson (PC's are hired to burn down a warehouse)
Murder (One of the PC's is hired to kill someone).
Noble Bodyguard (One of the PC's is hired to guard a heroic but vulnerable figure).
Vile Bodyguard (One of the PCS' is hire to guard a villainous and strong figure).
Assassins! (Someone is trying to kill one of the PCs. Repeatedly).
McGuffin Letter ("Come to the lighthouse. You'll be richly rewarded").
A Distraction (PC's are hired to be one...arrest ensue).
Map in a Bottle (PC's obtain a McGuffin by accident. It is accidentally destroyed. Inside, an old map, destination obscured).
Ranting (Destoyed remnant of a human ranting about cause of his malaise..a place of great danger and fabulous treasure)
Vile Champion (One of the PC's is hired to act as a champion in a duel for a Lawful Evil Character)
Noble Champion (As per Vile Champion, but for a Lawful Good Champion)
Vigilante (The PC has seen enough evil, and has decided to do something about it).
Plot Teleport (Angry wizard banishes PC's to alternate location/dimension).

Hero of Destiny

Bridge Ambush (Crossing a gorge/river, enemies at both ends, may fall or be thrown over the edge)
Ambush at the Ford (As per Bridge Ambush, but no chance to fall, and move at -1 for slippery stones).
Back to the Cliff (Characters lured to a cliff/precipice, trapped by the height, must fight way free).
Escape through the backstreets (Escape out back door of tavern, must lose pursuers in a maze of back streets)
Secret Tunnel (Bargain with an NPC to gain access to a guarded location by secret means).
Secret Tunnel Betrayal (As above, except that the guards on the far end have been alerted).
Urchin McGuffin (Urchin steals a McGuffin from a PC, vanishes into the crowd)
Finish Line (Players and villains race to reach a given objective, first one there wins).
Thermopylae (Characters face a huge horde at a single chokepoint).
Barbarians at the Gates (As Thermopylae, but with multiple chokepoints, and an additional entrance later on).
You Shall Not Pass (Reverse Thermopylae: Players must pass a single powerful guardian at a choke point).
Line of Battle (Thermopylae, except choke point is several hexes wide).
Glass Cannon (Caster making magical attacks so powerful a single hit kills. PCs must take cover).
Arrow Barrage (PCs under cover. Every time they leave cover, a barrage of arrows sent at them).
Tavern Brawl (The big guy, he doesn't like your face, mayhem ensues).
Hatchet Fight in the Dim (Everyone is fighting almost blind, flailing at shadows. No crits possible)
Hatchet Fight in the Dark (As HFitD, but all attacks count as surprise attacks).
Knife Fight in the Dark (As HFitD, but in constrained circumstances, so only small weapons can be used)
One Hand for the Ship (Fight on the heavy decks of a ship, PC's must keep on hand on the rigging or be washed overboard)
"Come Unarmed" (PCs come to a meeting. Everyone is visibly unarmed, and invisibly armed. If things go badly...)
Die Quietly (The guards must die without making a sound. They have few HP, but the first strike must kill).
Camoflauge (Enemy concealed, making missile attacks erratically)
Ambush (Lured to a safe location by a friendly NPC, then attacked).
-Crossbow Ambush (As per ambush, but attack is by crossbows. Very heavy upfront damage, very slow reload).
Champions (Barbarian force sends forth a champion for a one on one battle, in lieu of melee.).
-Tainted Champions (As Champions, except Champion received secret magical aid).
-Rochambeau (As per Champions, except take turns attacking. Enemy permits PC to go first...)
Battle between the bars (PC's separated from enemies by bars, only thrusting weapons work).

Chase (Two characters moving, opposed rolls vs. varying DC's, # of tests = distance, both fail/suceed=no effect).
Upstream (Must swim upstream while chasing/being chased, fail = downstream).
Cold stream (As per upstream, but water is cold, doubling # of checks).
Waterfall (Floating a river downstream, reach a waterfall, must reach bank before swept over the falls).
Submarine (Archer on the bank, suffer an attack each time emerge from underwater)
Gauntlet (Must run past a number of stationary enemies)
Free Climb (Gauntlet, while climbing).
Siege Climb (Rope, pitons, and lots of time...fight while anchored at a location. Move at -4).
Horseback Chase (Chase, on horseback)
Parthian Chase

HOT - Hazards, Obstacles, Traps.
Hazard (Damaging Environmental Effect)
Burning Sun: 10 shock per hour, compounding. Water/shade mitigates.
Killing Cold: 10 shock per hour, compounding. Warm clothing reduces.
Insanity Charm: 1 feedback/hour, compounding.
Slog: Moving in shallow water that limits movement speed by -1 to -5.
Slippery Underfoot: Balance check on each move action, or fall.
Shrieking Gale: Arrows or thrown objects are useless, impossible to hear others.
In the Mist: All stealth checks at +5.
Lightning Storm: All players roll 1d20, on the 20, get zotted.
Burning Building: Suffer 1d4 damage/round from fire.
Choking Smoke: Suffer 10 shock/round, compounding.
Noxious Gasses: The foul odors make you dizzy. Each round, lose 1d4 initiative).
Silent but Deadly: Your eyes water, your throat burns. DM secretly rolls d10, that many rounds until you pass out).
Supernatural Blight: Lower attribute score by 1 each round.
Fiend Furnace: Continuous low level heat makes metal unbearably hot to touch...weapons first, then armor.
Holy Ground: Demonic characters suffer.
Silver Mine: Shapeshifters suffer.
Uphill Battle: Movement +X in one direction, -X in other.
King of the Mountain: Uphill Battle, in all directions.

Obstacles (Must get past--Over, under, around, between or through)
Wall (Climb over, dig under)
Cliff (Climb, jump, fly).
Door (Pick the lock, break it down)
Dense Canopy (Prevents Flying)
Thug (Bribe him, distract him, kill him)
Bureaucrat (Must convince him, intimidate or deceive)
Jailor (Stout barred door, with viewslot)
Moral Hazard (Non-combatant doorkeep)
Small Opening (Big characters can't fit through).
Jailcell (Barred, locked door).
Willpower test (Painful, non-damaging effect prevents access).
-Electrified doorway
-Fear Field
Illusionary Wall (Not actually there. Not that you'd know it).
Invisible barrier: Wall you can't see.
Visible barrier (Only present when you look at it. Close your eyes or turn your back...).
Doubled Patrols (Streets are full of guards tonight...to the sewers!)
Promise (Promised not to go somewhere or do something).
-Geas (Compelled not to go somewhere or do something).

Traps (Single occurance damage/delay caused by player action).
Stuck: Waist deep in goo. Full move to get unstuck.
Sinking Sand: Don't stand still. Treat as Slog on round one, Stuck on round 2, Bound on round 3, suffocating on 4).
Trap (Trigger, then effect dealing damage or causing trouble).
Pit Trap (Walk over, fall in, spikes at the bottom).
-Double Pit Trap (Revealed pit trap that looks easy to jump over...into a bit trap beyond it).
-Trip Trap (Invisible wire stretched just before the pit trap, tripping you into the pit)
-Trip Trap Trick (As Trip Trap, except with a McGuffin to drive the PC toward/away from the pit in a hurry).
Tip Trap (Whole floor is hinged, crossing the centerline drops PC's into a deep pit...and swings shut above)
Honey Trap (Baited).
Idol Trigger (Pick up the heavy object, triggers a trap).
Arrow Trap (Trigger, shoots an arrow at you).
-Arrow in the Back (Arrow trap, except shoots from behind).
-Ballista Corridor (Arrow trap, except fires a very large arrow that attacks everyone in the corridor in sequence).
Collapsing Ceiling (Treat as 3d4 mace/maul/hammer attacks on all players).
Wall Fall (Kinder, gentler collapsing ceiling)
False Wall (There appears to be no way out of the room...)
One-way Door (After passed through, trigger causes heavy stone to fall, barring the way back).
Portal of No Return (As above, but magic, and leaving no trace of its presence).
Poisoned! (Yep. You. Now with dying).
-Poisoned Treasure (Contact poison, or injection poison in hidden needle).
-Sword from the Stone (Yeah, grab that sword! Yeah, die in writhing agony!)
Cursed (Can't put it down).

McGuffin Teleport (Villain vanishes, McGuffin in hand).
Eagles (Deus Ex Machina Aerial escape from high location)
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Re: Encounters

Postby Maugh » Sat May 10, 2014 1:44 pm

Program something like that into a web-app for android, and you've got a .99 cent app that could make a small chunk of cash.
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Re: Encounters

Postby TheMatt » Mon May 12, 2014 3:48 am

Any experience with Odesk, Freelancer.com, e-lance?

Actually, what I want is this:

"I can't tell if what you are saying is too profound for me to understand, or just insane".
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