Skittering Madness

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Skittering Madness

Postby James » Thu Oct 08, 2009 4:44 pm

Skittering Madness

Skill Cap: 12
Combat Skill Level: 12

Intelligence Class: Sentient
Description: A sound rustles in the bushes like dry leaves on stone. It is already too late. The Skittering Madness is in your mind, making you hear things, feel things, remember things...forget things.
There is physcial shape or form, best magics show a floating, whispy, bulbous, form with mantis-like claws rooting through a victim’s mind.
Size: small

Total Life: 77
Critical State: 30
Max Buffer:
Overload Die:

Strength: 1, d2
Melee: 0
Parry: 0

Agility: 20, d14
Dodge: 12

Intelligence: 13, d12
Lore: 12

Intuition: 12, d12
Perception: 12
Empathy: 10

Endurance: 16, d16
Grit: 7

Willpower: 13, d12
Autonomy: 10

Charisma: 1, d2

Cunning: 11, d10
Sneak: 12

Arcane Ideals:
Chaos: 12
Dark: 12
Death: 12

Attack Options:
Mind Assault: d12+14
Range: 1
Damage/Amp: 3d10 + special

Defensive Options:
Parry: d2+0
Dodge: d14+12
Armor: 0

Hunt and Seek: Skittering Madness hunts by searching thoughts as it drifts on the ether. It detects with perception, but countered by Autonomy instead of sneak.
Non-Material: It does not exist in the physical plane, and barely touching the magical connection between worlds. As such, it is fully immune to physical and elemental attacks. Only magical effects that touch the mind can work against it.
Phantom Sounds: Displaced sounds distract and attempt to confuse victims of true location. Skittering Madness creates small elemental storms with random damage.
Sorting Claws: Skittering Madness sinks its long scythe-like claws into a victim’s mind, picking through experience and memory. Every successful attack deals -3 initiative damage.
Wracking Confusion: the Mind Assault of Skittering Madness may be too much for a person. A successful attack makes the mind reel and for 2 rounds afterward one must do opposed Autonomy checks to do any action that requires concentration, such as ch’I, arcane/elemental magics, weapon techniques.
Displaced Presence: Skittering Madness do not move through space as we perceive it. It can be anywhere within 10 m of its current point as an instant action.
Death Feast: One cannot actually die from attacks from Madness. Instead, once a victim is unconscious, the madness eats and rearranges memories. Roll 1d4:
1) Victim feels disoriented, -1 skill die for Int, Intu, Will for24 hours
2) A victim is fully amnesic, but gullible for 24 hours.
3) Victim loses techniques for 8 hours.
4) Victim permanently loses 15 skill points worth of skills/abilities of victim’s choice.
Receptacle: Skittering Madness is an invaluable and rich source of knowledge and skill. If one is able to somehow slay one, stolen knowledge is returned to victims, regardless of distance, and the death can be used for the answer to nearly any question.
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Re: Skittering Madness

Postby James » Thu Oct 08, 2009 7:03 pm

Location: Any. The Maddness is known to be in the forests to the west of Lake Miridil, but could possibly in any location.
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