Pwera Ocean Vivsix "Cutters"

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Pwera Ocean Vivsix "Cutters"

Postby James » Thu Oct 08, 2009 5:03 pm

Pwera Ocean Vivsix

Description: These elemental creatures resemble nothing so much as elongated bubbles of water. Thin, floating chunks of ice drift on the surface as if on a current. Whisps of steam escape randomly from the featurless blob.
When attacking, more ice appears and it uses the ice and steam in its body to create high pressure nozzles through which it jets water forcefully enough to cut stone.
Their natural environment is off the northern coast of Ront, in the many reefs of stone.
Intelligence Class: Animal
Size: Small

Total Life: 50
Critical State: 40

Strength: 9, d8
Melee: 8 (10)
Parry: 10 (12)
Athletics: 8

Agility: 10, d10
Shot: 11 (14)
Dodge: 11 (14)

Intelligence: 6, d6

Intuition: 13, d12
Perception: 10 (14)
Water/Ice: 11

Endurance: 15, d14
Grit: 15

Willpower: 12, d12
Autonomy: 5

Charisma: 3, d2

Cunning: 8, d8
Sneak: 6

Attack Options:

Pressure lance:
Shot attack: 1d10+14,
Range: 5
Attack Speed: Average
Damage/Amp: 2d10 , 4
Surprise Attack: +2

Defensive Options:
Parry: d8 +12
Dodge: d10 +14
Intuitive Defense: +1
Armor: 3

Pressure lance: High pressure water lance cuts into flesh and softer materials.
Vents: When agitated, Vivsix constantly press a low amount of water out of vents covering their bodies. This creates an armor of 3, and allows melee and parry.
Surge: With a blast of water that exhausts their reserves, a Vivsix can propel itself up to 10 m in a roughly straight line as a VF action.
Whistle: By focusing their water through special nozzles in the front of their heads, they can issue a high-pitched scream audible over a large area.
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