Casgnapar "Assembler Demon"

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Casgnapar "Assembler Demon"

Postby James » Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:22 pm

Casgnapar “Assembler Demon”

Casgnapar hail from the shores of the Well of Oblivion in Thulyet where they are as numerous as pebbles lapped by the ocean. These bizarre demons have the natural appearance of a fist sized, silvery, metal ball. When in proximity of food or usable parts, the sphere explosively unspools like a ball of yarn. The “thread” is an extremely thin ribbonous tongue that serves as a flexible, 10 meter blade protruding from an almond sized, eyeless head and thousands of miniscule teeth. This attack can spear targets through thin walls and cracked earth, and ignores armor. The tongue passes through a target and attempts to pierce through all within range. When at full capacity, tiny barbs unfold and hold victims tight, drinking blood as it is funneled down the blade.

This spearing attack, fearful as it is, is not what gave it the name “assembler demon.” Casgnapar string together pieces or full bodies of victims, hiding among them and working their muscles to gain access to their attacks and protection from their mass. They are not highly sentient, or of a mind so alien that they are unable to communicate or attempt to imitate their victim's identities. Most are encountered within meat shields and attack from the corpse with a surprise attack with its tongue springing from the mouth of its bloodless vessel.

Casgnapar are not savage or crazed. Their reasons for picking certain victims are unknown and often confusing. They are often patient and can wait years between feedings for the desired victim. The only known constant trigger is beings invested with, or able to use plant magics who it will kill and not consume. Without fleshy vessels, the spheres roll with small flicks of tongue to sneak to a better position for ambush. Rare reports have tracked spheres migrating hundreds of miles without picking a meal.

LORE: Rumors of assembler demons with tongues more than twice the normal size circulate among the rare travelers of Thulyet, and smallish Casgnapar are kept as pets by some powerful demons in Drailur and the Realms at large. The largest confirmed Assember Demon was just over 15 meters long and occupied the body of the demon dragon Shivaz under the control of the Necromancer archmage K'Saft. The demon was slain while still within the dead dragon when the fledgling forces of K'Saft were returned to the earth. The metallic corpse is on display in the Lyrens City Hall of Heroes, frozen in death with tongue wrapping the massive, yellowed bones of Shivaz, head hanging from the left eye socket.

One other of these demons is on popular display at the Lontish School of Blades. While several feet shorter than the Lyrens specimen, it demonstrates the more popular form encountered. The demon was killed through ice magics and thus preserved in the conglomerate form with pieces carefully excised to show the method of cobbling. This Casgnapar holds together four unfortunate soldiers in old-fashioned Lontish armor such that it appears as the four are fused back to back with hands sewn to swords and heads frozen staring upward, mouths agape in horror.

Location: Demon (Thulyet)
Sentience Class: Sentient, nonverbal
Skill Cap: 11
Combat Skill Level: 15

Size: Very Small

STRENGTH: 14, d14
Melee: 11 (14 vs. Parry)
Parry: 11
Athletics: 10

AGILITY: 12, d8
Dodge: 13

Wilderness: 8

Perception: 9

Grit: 12

Autonomy: 9
Intimidate: 8


CUNNING: 5, d4
Sneak: 9

Max Life: 70
Critical State: 25
Max Feedback: 9
Overload Die: d8

Surprise Attack: +1
Intuitive Def: -1
First Impression: Nauseating

Attack Skill level Equip Bonus Total Die Speed Range Damage Amp
Tongue 11 1 4 vs parry 15 d14 Fast 10 2d6 3
Smash 11 1 0 12 d14 V Slow 1,2 3d8 6

Armor: 6
Resilience: 10 vs Earth, Immune to Void


Very Small: The mage mold is considered very small. It gains a +3 bonus to Dodge, Sneak, and Steal skills. It's strength is lowered by 3, while its agility is increased by 3.
Unholy Strength: Increased strength, not diminished by critical state.
Metalhide: Armor rating 6
Essence of Void/Earth: Immune to Void attacks, Earth resistance 10.
Demonic Tenacity: +20 life, +1 to Grit and Autonomy.
Ribbonous Tongue: Flexible blade gains +3 tech bonus vs. parry and can ignore protection from armor.
Spearing Tongue: If melee attack successful by 3 or more, the tongue continues through victim and to next target. May continue this method of attack until max range has been reached. All victims speared at the start of a Casgnapar's turn incur 3d6. Grit vs. Melee.
Barbed Tongue: Any attack successfully spearing a target immediately instigates a grapple with a +4 bonus. If grapple fails, a speared target may pull the tongue free from their body as a slow action dealing 2d6 damage opposed Grit vs. Melee. In addition, a grappled opponent is pulled toward the mouth 2 m per round.
Fleshy Armor: When in assembled form, a Casgnapar cannot be harmed until its meat shield taken away. Destroyed after absorbing 15 hit points. Some meat shields may have armored scales or plating of their own.
Fleshy Tools: Casgnapar can use any deceased victim for physical locomotion or simple attacks. Often hide within large creatures targeted for high blood mass, or mash together multiple small forms in a horrid mass. If using a mass form, usually hits with over-sized maul statistics.
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Credit where it is due

Postby James » Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:26 pm

The idea for this one came from Jared in his first adventure with us. I had one of my standard, straight forward tentacle monsters and he thought it was something far worse, something like this. i loved the idea (obviously, it is gross and scary) so I wanted to get it posted up for you all to see before it kills you.
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