Minor Mage Mold (7)

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Minor Mage Mold (7)

Postby Maugh » Sun Oct 11, 2009 1:43 pm

Name: Minor Mage Mold
Location: Forest

Total Skill Points: 555
Skill Cap: 10
Combat Skill Level: 7
Sentience Class: Superintelligent

Description: The Minor Mage Mold is a small bit of extremely intelligent mold, which joins its mind with all other mage molds within a short distance. It is impervious to physical attack and very difficult to eradicate with magic as well, due to its capacity to split itself with ease and due to the fact that all of its pieces must be destroyed in order to excise the collective mind. These creatures are destructive but playful, often collectors of human bones that it then uses to practice necromancy. Many times the mold will 'ride,' its skeletal pets as the odd patch of mold or even inside the skull to avoid notice. These creatures always have a backup plan and rarely expose themselves entirely or commit to combat without several ways out of danger. Their mastery of Dark, Death and Chaos ideals makes them very skilled in Destructive Magics for offense, Displacement magics for a quick escape, and Necromancy magics for fun.

Size: Very Small, no more than a foot or so across.
Total Life: 20
Critical State: 15
Max Buffer: 19
Overload Die: d10

Strength: 1, d1

Agility: 3, d2

Intelligence: 16, d16
Lore: 10
Tinker: 10

Intuition: 10, d10
Perception: 10

Endurance: 3, d2
Grit: 7

Willpower: 10, d10
Autonomy: 7

Charisma: 4, d4

Cunning: 12, d12

Arcane Ideals:
Chaos: 7,
Dark: 7
Death: 7

Arcane Schools:
Destruction, 21: 2/10/21
Displacement, 21: 2/10/21
Necromancy, 21: 2/10/21

Attack Options:
Per Spells
Surprise Attack Bonus: +3

Defensive Options:
Parry: d1+0
Dodge: d2+0
Autonomy: d10+7
Grit: d2+7
Intuitive Defense Bonus: 0

Superintelligent , 100, Increase Intelligence from 12 to 16.
Collective Intelligence, 20 , If more than one mold is within 20 meters, they will move and act simultaneiously.
Creepy, 20, The mol may cling to any surface, moving at normal speeds.
Divide, 20, As a very slow action, a new mage mold appears on an adjacent hex, identical to the original.
Ground, 5, Per First Circle Displacement spell, incurs 2 feedback. Resistance 1d16+7.
Lightning Bolt, 10, Per Second Circle Destruction, incurs 10 feedback. 4D6 damage, range 10, resistance 1d16+7
Long Step, 10, Per Second Circle Displacement, incurs 10 feedback.
Meteorite, 5, Per first circle Destruction, incurs 2 feedback.
Mobile Casting, 10, The mage mold may move while casting spells
Moldy, 20, The mage mold is immune to physical attacks.
Skeleton, 10, Per Second Circle necromancy, incurs 10 feedback.
Skeleton Pet, 5, Per First Circle necromancy, incurs 2 feedback.
Consume Flesh, 5, Per First Circle necromancy, incurs 2 feedback.
Very Small, 10, The Mage Mold is very small. They receive a +3 bonus to Dodge, but their max life and critical state are reduced by 20.

Salvageable Components: Inert Mage Mold
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