Ghesrhuil, Stone Dragon (16)

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Ghesrhuil, Stone Dragon (16)

Postby Maugh » Sun Oct 11, 2009 2:17 pm

Name: Ghesrhuil, Stone Dragon
Location: Caverns, Deep Caverns

Total Skill Points: 1065
Skill Cap: 16
Combat Skill Level: 16
Sentience Class: Sentient

Description: Massive and grey-skinned, the Stone Dragon is a powerful beast who excels at martial combat. They are generally reclusive, believing firmly in solitude and are not afraid to crush anyone who infringes upon their peace. They can be irritable, but very rational, and will use their strength to their advantage, frequently intimidating and extorting others before going on the offensive. As many dragons, the Stone Dragons will collect private hordes of wealth, but are not greedy enough to seek it out at the expense of others, especially if that means they are forced to leave their remote sanctuaries. The Stone Dragon understands its own limitations, but is prideful. If it is forced into a conflict greater than it's own power it will fight to the death. Its tremendous endurance and willpower will keep it alert even if knocked unconscious, and it is capable of surviving even grave injuries.

Size: Very Large
First Impression: Bad

Total Life: 160
Critical State: 140
Max Buffer: 13
Overload Die: d10

Strength: 16, d16
Melee: 16
Parry: 12
Athletics: 8

Agility: 6, d6
Dodge: 10

Intelligence: 10, d10
Lore: 10
Wilderness: 5

Intuition: 8, d8
Perception: 12
Empathy: 1
Animals: 10

Endurance: 12, d12
Grit: 10

Willpower: 11, d10
Autonomy: 10
Intimidate: 16+3

Charisma: 6, d6

Cunning: 6, d6
Sneak: 4

Attack Options:
Melee attack: 1d16+16
Range: 1-3
Damage/Amp: 3d12, 5

Melee Attack: 1d16+16
Range 1-2
Damage/Amp: 3d12, 5

Surprise Attack Bonus: +1

Defensive Options:
Parry: d16+12 (+4 if waiting.)
Dodge: d6+10
Armor: 5

Intuitive Defense Bonus: 0

Abilities, Cost, Effect

Super Strong 100 Increase Strength to 16
Dragon's Blood 25 Increase Max Life and Critical State by 60. This stacks with other increases in total life.
Stone Scales 20 Gain an Armor of 5.
Buckler Scales 10 The Dragon develops stony plates on the back of their talons, granting them the capacity to parry with their arms.
Perfect Defense 20 Remove the dragon from the combat wheel. When interlocking their scales in this way, the dragon may gain a +4 to parry.
Dragon's Flight 20 The Dragon has wings and may fly at normal movement speeds. They may carry up to 400 pounds apart from their own weight.
Fiery Breath 20 The Dragon may fire a breath weapon, filling a 60 degree arc with a radius of 10 meters. This deals 6d8 damage and has a recoil of 1 hour.
Tenacious Consciousness 10 When knocked unconscious due to shock and damage, the Dragon is instead disabled, unable to act but remaining alert and aware of its surroundings.
Iron Nerve 10 The Dragon gains a +3 bonus to their intimidate.
Survivor 10 Once per day, if the dragon would be killed, it is not. Even if its damage exceeds its max life, it will not die unless dealt damage again. It is still uconscious.
Hold Breath 10 The Dragon may hold their breath for 10 minutes.
Very Large 20 The Dragon is massive. Increase its total life and critical state by 40 points, but apply a -2 penalty to dodge.
Claws & Teeth 10 The Dragon has massive claws and Teeth. These claws deal 3d12 damage, with an amp of 5, a range of 1-2, and a speed of very slow. The bite has a range of 3.
Beatdown 10 After a successful attack with their claws, the dragon may attempt to knock down their opponent as a free action.
Pin Down 10 After a successful beatdown, the dragon may attempt to grapple their opponent as a free action. This only requires one paw.

Salvageable Components:
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Re: Ghesrhuil, Stone Dragon (16)

Postby James » Tue Oct 13, 2009 6:44 pm

Ahaha! The Glorious Emprire of Bastion kicked its ass and left it quivering in the canyon... of course anything is easier with a full army of undead fodder to soak hit and grant whelm bonus. Tusks likes things that parry.
I like the example of skill points spent on abilities. I need that to help me make it more balanced. I will apply that and some of the other stats to help me update Nah'Yatak before I post him.
I also like have the skill cap in the title, that helps to organize. Mayhap I posted things too soon.
Recoil of 1 hour, though, for the breath? How is a dragon to raze a village then fend off adventurers? If that is common for dragons, Tusks would have beat the crap out of the beast sooner. I think the PCs need the fear of the breath. Afterall, that is what makes a dragon a Dragon...well that and the lizardly appearance...and sentience, and intelligence, and treasure, and .......!
Wait! Treasure! We freaking passed over the hoard didn't we?! Didn't we?! Oh, damn my poor leadership skills and fear of dark holes! We went through so much work to AVOID our haul! Maybe now at least he won't chase us.
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Re: Ghesrhuil, Stone Dragon (16)

Postby Maugh » Tue Oct 13, 2009 7:04 pm

Heh. I didn't want to point out that you missed the swag, it saved me the effort of actually working out the magic items, and you guys are drawing that campaign to a close anyway.

But yeah. I used that monster gen excel file to get his points all straightened out. It automates it so that you don't have to put so much time and effort into building them. It will even tell you the combat skill level, (which I have in parenthesis on the post title, (see! 16!)

It would be a good idea to edit the combat skill level into the title of your topics, just so that the DM's can see what level they are to gauge their strength against the PC's.
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Re: Ghesrhuil, Stone Dragon (16)

Postby James » Wed Oct 14, 2009 8:28 pm

I guess that its alright then. I just want Tusks to rock even harder than he already does. As we are closing this campaign, I really want to have him as an NPC in Tenpat so that the Harem can bump into him. Maybe the whole little group. I wonder what I can do with them if I controlled them as a team. Updating Rollin as if he had just finished a battle with totem characters so fully upgraded, having Lizno work cohesively with the....nah, I don't want to lose out on the dynamics. That is what makes it fun. I can't see a gheist as a character without Lizno's apathy now.
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