Kirst'Ahnul Hunter

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Kirst'Ahnul Hunter

Postby James » Sat Jan 16, 2010 12:01 am

Kirst'Ahnul Hunter
On the rare occasion that one encounters any Kirst'Ahnul, it is most commonly this breed. They are covered completely by thick armor that appears to be a mix of thick scales and exoskelton. They range in color from dark brown to blue-black, and the colors are swirled chaotically across the body. The ridges are sharp and corners point to spikes. They have no eyes upon their extremely long heads, only shallow pits that register heat. Nearly the entire head splits open into mouth, a cross of bird beak and dragon teeth. It fights and digs with massive, scythe-like claws at the end of triple jointed arms, allowing it to attack an enemy on any side. Two smaller appendages jut from below the claw arms and end is highly articulated fingers. The torso blends to a long, sinewous tail with hooked scales that enable it to easily climb or shred a grappled victim.
Like most Kirst'Ahnul, it understands many languages, but will not speak to other species. It is highly aggressive, but knows when to call for help or escape to find re-enforcements. Due to typical swarm organization, several scouts are usually close enough to come to a hunters aid within minutes. Like any of its race, it is found deep underground, but under any part of the world, even below the oceans.

Total Skill Points: 730
Skill Cap: 10
Combat Skill Level: 10
Highest Skill: 10

STRENGTH: 16, d16
Melee: 10
Parry: 10
Athletics: 8

AGILITY: 9, d8
Dodge: 9

Lore: 5
Medic: 5
Wilderness (caves): 10

Perception: 10

ENDURANCE: 12, d12
Grit: 10

WILLPOWER: 10, d10
Autonomy: 7
Intimidate: 8


CUNNING: 8, d8
Sneak: 9

Max Life: 100
Critical State: 35
Max Feedback: 10
Overload Die: d10

Surprise Attack: +2
Intuitive Def: -1
First Impression: Nauseating

Attack Type
Melee: 11 (13 with lunge) (+1 equip)
Damage: 2d12+3d6 acid
Range: 1,2 Amp: 5 Speed: Slow

Melee: 10 (12 vs Parry)
Damage: 2d8
Range: 1,2 Amp: 4 Speed Average

Armor: 5
Arcane Res: see below

Passive Abilities
Armored Chiton: Armor 5, speed penalty -1
Blood of Gods: +40 hp, immune to Void, Fire, and Earth effects
Chaotic Mind: Immune to Compulsion magics, +4 resilience to arcane autonomy saves
Acidic Saliva: All bites deal 3d6 acid damage vs. 20 Grit
Hivemind: Able to communicate with any other breed of Kirst'Ahnul within 300 meters.
Tremorsense: Able to sense movement connected to any touching surface within 100 meters
Heatvision: Able to see heat within 5 meters, blindspot
Echolocation: Ultrasonic echolocation to 20 meters, no blindspot
Earthtissue Muscle: Strength 16, two ton strength.
Oversized Bite: Bite does maul damage despite speed.
Elusive: -2 to dodging melee rather than -4.
Armored Claws: Able to Parry with claws
Resilient: Does not lower skill die while in critical state

Active Abilities:
Counterattack: Parry by 4, immediate melee attack
Lunge: Can move 1 meter forward and back with a bite attack with +2 bonus
Burrow: Can use scythe-like claws to burrow through stone, 1m as VS action.
Awkward Angle: +2 with claws vs. Parry
Shredding Grapple: During a grapple, can attack with tail with +4 bonus, 3d6 damage Fast.
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