Heckiss Boil, Master Alchemist

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Heckiss Boil, Master Alchemist

Postby James » Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:24 pm

Heckiss Boil is a Cucacharan, a seldom encountered demon from the dark continent of Thulyet (For more information on the Cucacharan race, see entry in Demons). Like most of his people living beyond their ancestral homelands, Heckiss keeps himself covered when in public. His compact, meter and a half tall frame is concealed within a hooded grey robe made from the fire-resistant silk of an ashnatae spider. Wired clasps down the front spring open at the pull of a single cord to allow him access to the accessories about his person. Most people see only the long-fingered hands with their chitinous covering and articulated joints, the dull tusks that jut from the dark hood from either side of his mouth, and the beady red eyes that seem to gleam with their own luminescence.

Heckiss is reputed for his skills as grand master alchemist. A reputation well-deserved. He is able to create poisons, explosives, and unique compounds that are stronger than most. He enjoys being brought a challenge and despises what he deems as simple requests, as well as the people who bring them. He speaks very quickly and enjoys the art of deal making. Until his interest is piqued, he is terse, distracted, and, at times, insulting. When intrigued, he usually pulls back his hood, revealing the mottled hide that covers his ridged head. His complex, multi-jawed mouth clicks and hisses as he mutters to himself about possible solutions in his native tongue during negotiations. He usually seeks out payment in the form of favors of components before switching to talk of princely amounts of gold.

He is most often to be found on his strange ship, Dragon's Bile. The ship is his home, workshop, store, and transport from city to city. The ship appears to be framed of enormous dragon bone and planked of ironwood. There is only one entrance to the below deck where the shop is kept. Most of the time, this entrance is guarded by a monstrous minotaur who dwarfs others of his kind in size and strength. He allows no access without recommendation from a reputable local merchant, governmental permission, or ever-changing pass-phrase that can be gleaned from the city with a gossip check of 21.
The inside of the ship changes often due to fires, explosions or perhaps just a restless nature. Sometimes it is wooden stairs and wood plank walls, others delicate spiral stairs and walls of treated cloth or paper. No matter the style, stairs always lead to a small negotiation room with a single desk and no chairs. His simple-minded attendants are usually encountered first, both are white clay-like golems that look like strange, smooth featured humans. Lore 24 reveals them as what they are, and that they actually are magically recording every aspect of the customer for further use. They attempt to gather information, but have a very limited vocabulary and are usually chased off by Heckiss coming into the room to berate their uselessness.

If his ship, servants, or person is attacked, he will start combat. He will use his most powerful explosives and debilitating poisons in attempt to end a fight quickly for most instances. If he knows his opponents, he will sometimes attempt to first weaken them with his crafts in attempt to draw out an encounter to a diplomatic end. All alchemical substances used by him have DC 10 higher than found on Dragon's Bile standard list. This explosives are contained on a bandolier with treated clasps so as to spark fuses when drawn. He has shurikens treated with the poisons for muscular delivery and small alchemist spheres filled with inhaled poisons. He will save his largest explosive to use on himself if things go wrong, igniting all his other bombs and sending poison shrapnel in a burst. Both his cucacharan nature and survivor ability help him endure this action.

Total Skill Points: 400
Skill Cap: 16
Combat Skill lvl: 16

Max Life: 85
Critical State: 30
Armor: 5
Speed Penalty: -1

Max Feedback: 17
Overload Die: d6
Surprise Attack: +2
Intuitive Def: 0

First Impression: Good

Melee: 7
Parry: 12
Athletics: 10

AGILITY: 12, d10
Thrown: 16
Dodge: 19
Acrobatics: 7

Tinker: 19, 23 with tools

Perception: 8

ENDURANCE: 14, d14
Grit: 19

Autonomy: 19
Intimidate: 12

Deceive: 10
Haggle: 16

CUNNING: 10, d10
Steal: 12
Gossip: 16


PASSIVE ABILITIES (accounted for in skills above):
Iron Taboo, Shock Resistance: Touching or being touched by iron or steel causes 1d6 damage, 20 less shock than would normally be incurred.
Ironhide: Like all of his kind, Heckiss has thick chiton instead of skin, this gives 5 armor and incurs speed penalty of 3.
Brute Skill: The nature of how Cucacharon are bred to survive grants them a natural +3 to Dodge, Grit, and Autonomy.
Brute Endurance: All Cucacharon have 20 life greater than otherwise granted by his or her endurance.
Dangersense: Heckiss generally knows when danger is coming and from where. He always goes first in combat, even if surprised.
Hard to Kill: Heckiss cannot be killed by normal means. When passing max life, Heckiss is merely disabled and may only be killed by being fully incinerated or reduced to nothing by Void.
Professional (Business Contacts): +3 on gossip checks to find vendors, craftsmen, merchants, and customers.
Tinker Specialist: +3 on alchemy based tinker checks.

Elusive: -2 instead of -4 when dodging melee attacks
Blurring Parry: May parry an attack normally dodged with a -2 penalty.
Survivor: Once per day, when Heckiss would receive enough damage to kill him, damaged reduced to one less than total life.
Quad-Draw: When drawing shuriken or small explosives, draws four at a time, keeping all in one hand.
Draw Throw: May draw and throw shuriken or small explosives in same action.
Shuriken Fan: May throw up to four shuriken or small explosives. No single attack may deal more than 5 damage. This requires two hands.
Shuriken Master: All weapontechs that incur -2 penalty instead incur no penalty.

EQUIPMENT (if alone outside of shop):
12 qty. pre-poisoned shurikens (use dagger stats, but unable to parry)
* 2 Blink Fang: Target stunned for one round (27 Auto)
* 4 Deep Rot: 4d6 poison damage, 2d6 for 1d4 rounds (28 Grit, re-check every round)
* 2 Heal Me Not: Magical healing will not affect victim for half hour (27 Grit)
* 4 Fang Jumper: -3 initiative damage (26 Grit)

8 qty. E-90 explosives: 4d4 damage, thrown as shuriken. Quick fuse, explodes 7 segments after lit. example: Heckiss will draw four as VF action (6 segments with speed penalty) then throw to explode on target as attack.

2 qty. IF-10: Small flare bomb. Finger-sized cyllinder with 4 segment speed. Extremely bright flash blinds all within 3 meters. (26 Grit)

Munitions: Oblong, skull sized clay object. Triggered by impact or by application of specialized acid timer. Timer requires Tinker (15) to set. If failed roll 1d2. If one, the munitions immediately explodes, if 2, the timing plug is ruined and must be detonated via impact.
* 2 qty. Shrapnel: Range 5. 4d12 damage in 2 meter burst of shrapnel that tears through radius with enough force to penetrate wood and thin metal. (32 Dodge)
* 1 qty. Concussion: Range 5. 5d12 damage in 5 meter burst. Damage reduced by 1 die per meter from epicenter. Anyone within blast must also roll Grit or be deafened for 1 hour and knocked prone. Blast destroys wood, metal and stone up to a meter thick. Ignites any flammables in radius (including Heckiss's other explosives)
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The .odt of Heckiss

Postby James » Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:52 pm

If you like playing with numbers or want to see how I got the character built, I included the .odt. There are a couple of small differences, but they pretty well balance out.

So, I wanted to add this guy on because I love him (as most of you know as PC or NPC). For Development, he is pretty important and the fact that Dragon's Bile is mobile allows him to be dropped into any coastal city or city built on large rivers. He also gives a reason to re-visit the rules for Alchemy/Engineering crafting, and to point people to my list of those things. I don't know how to drop in the link to the thread with that, though, or I would have. Brute Skills, Hard to Kill, and Survivor? Oh yeah. Still standing after the 92 damage explosion this time! Long live the Trapslayer!

Side notes: The guard on Dragon's Bile is not a massive minotaur, but an agrador. I think everyone can appreciate me not making the huge entry any longer with explanation of another race.
Heckiss's assistants are golem, it is true. One hell of an alchemy and medic check. They are invested with plant magics to give them life, but the spark is minimal. In the past, they have been suggested to be a couple other things, but I have finally decided. I just wanted to showcase magical/alchemical items that are not specifically for PC use, as well as give lore players a little something to see.
Heckiss Boil.ods
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