Marcus Steelmind, High Investigator

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Marcus Steelmind, High Investigator

Postby James » Tue Nov 09, 2010 11:36 am


Marcus was born to a noble family in East Lesyng near the current day Lyrens border. As the youngest child, he had every indulgence from his parents to find his own way in life because he would inherit no responsibility or title. From a young age, he displayed an aptitude in martial strategy and finding patterns unnoticed by others. His early years bounced him back and forth between education at the Lesyng Military Academy and time spent helping with his family's financial investments. During these formative years, he was also exposed to modest magical training and political theory.

Just before turning 17, Marcus was expelled from his family. The family's matriarch had taken notice of him and planned on putting him ahead of his siblings in line for inheritance. He did not aspire to this post and saw the awkward planning and politicking was noticeable to him long before the first open moves were made. He had already set up contacts in Nalsund, the largest city-state in West Lesyng and moved to join the city guard.

Over the next decade, he became popular and powerful within military and political circles. He constantly refused offers from the military, governing republic, preferring instead to remain within the chain of command of the city guard. He organized an exclusively investigative branch of the guard and positioned himself as one of the field investigators. His nack for finding patterns in crime and quickly sorting truth out of the miasma of gossip made him hated by many and loved by a powerful few.

One night in the Autumn of his 33rd year, he led a raid on a cult of cursed humans who were killing twist their bodies and souls toward true demon status. During the assault on their deep floating hideout under the Chanalis, he was badly maimed and his lower spine was torn out by a chaos-touched cultist. Although he was eventually restored to near wholeness, he decided that he was done in Nalsund and moved up the Chanalis River to Development. There, in the years before High Priest Harchmont became the Lord Bishop, he joined the Church of Resverik and was among the first selected to join the rigorous training of the newly formed Yazata brotherhood.

After Project Redemption failed in the 3rd year of the Lord Bishop, Marcus left the brotherhood and was allowed to create his own office and took the title of High Investigator. Although he does not possess most of the power given to/achieved by Yazata, he was able to push his mind beyond normal human limits, increasing his already formidable pattern matching skills and Lore knowledge.

Marcus is a two meter tall, middle aged man in excellent physical shape, though walks with a slight awkward gait. He keeps his hair cut very short and is cleanly shaved. Mostly, he wears the robes of a Resverik priest in service to the Watch, but the robes are more sturdily made and colored with rippling patterns as if the robe were silver slowly tarnishing. He is oddly still when meeting new people or in a novel environment, his eyes seem to take in every detail of his surroundings and give the impression of watching a persons intentions and thoughts more than outward signs and words.

Most encounters with Marcus would be in his office at the Church of Resverik. The office is large and near the entrance door are the three reception chairs before the stone desk. The desk is usually to only space that appears organized to others. It has relevant information ready in neat piles and folders, and he has writing sand box on the desk's surface for use. The rest of the large room is chaos of notes, maps, diagrams, strange objects, drawings, and more. These are affixed to the walls with connecting lines or unseen patterns and litter tables and counters. To him, they are perfectly organized and he will politely threaten any that disturb their order. There are two doors in the room in addition to the entrance door. They lead to his private quarters and to his workshop. He stands behind his desk when talking to others. There is only one other chair in the room and beside it is a small table with metal and wood puzzles he plays with while in thought.

He is business-like and rarely friendly. However, when talking to people he trusts implicitly, he is free lipped about projects in the working and will give more detail than most employers. Rarely will he meet with others personally to get information from them. Instead, most interaction is done because others have sought him out for a job, or he has called for certain people to do a job. He pulls together excellent teams for missions and is talented for matching roles and personality types.

Because he works for the Church of Resverik in this time of transition and great construction, he has little to offer in way of payment for jobs. He expects people to complete jobs because they are the right thing to do and does what he can to help out the people he employs when able.

In the unlikely case of combat, Marcus as years of experience to draw on. He will always try to be the first to start a combat by reading the tone of interaction and position himself best of the field with an available exit if thing go wrong. Within the sleeves of his robe, he has two rods. One has 2 charges of Controlled Blast from 3rd circle fire spell, and the other is shaped into a heavy mace and has 2 charges of Crystallize as 2nd circle water spell. If at his office, he has shield hung on the wall and alarm glyphs etched into the wall near his desk. His silver robes are finely spun from enhanced electrum and provide armor bonus of 4 with only -1 speed penalty.

(stats in next post)
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Re: Marcus Steelmind, High Investigator

Postby Maugh » Tue Nov 09, 2010 3:30 pm

Very cool. This is a good read and a neat character.

It also brings up the very important idea of inscribing runes into permanent surfaces, such as desks, buildings, doors, etc. This needs to be covered as we go through magic items, especially as frequent these kinds of magics are.

Rock. Thanks for posting.

Magic item idea: coat with sleeves, which can hold a single object under 10 lbs, regardless of shape. Keeping a greatsword or a spear up a sleeve is a pretty neat trick. The rod could fit, using cane statistics, but full mace statistics would probably require a largish rod.
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