12 caster dump!

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12 caster dump!

Postby Maugh » Tue May 20, 2014 1:06 pm

Okay, so I've had a bunch of free time built up lately, so I have dumped a huge amount of it into art. These are for the magic section, and should get really close to rounding out that chapter. Just waiting for final copy editing and then aubrey's last design run before I can post that on Drive Through RPG.

In the meanwhile, I thought I'd dump the art I'd been working on here, for feedback and to get suggestions on quality control. If any of these aren't quite up to snuff, let me know. I am PAINFULLY aware that I am a rank amateur when it comes to art, so I'm happy to scrap something and give it another shot. Right now finances are a bit tight, so commissioning a bunch of art is not really in the budget. Since my own work is hit and miss, that means keeping the hits and dumping the misses. Anyway, I'm rambling. Here they are, 12 schools of magic!

(217.85 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Did this one in purple. Mostly because I was running out of other colors for magic, and this tone seemed to work with the color scheme of the second book. Not my usual color range.

(508.31 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Not happy with the way her eyes turned out, and I still may re-do that part, but the overall pose and composition I think worked. I was pretty happy with her dress as well.

(294.41 KiB) Not downloaded yet

This one is my favorite of the bunch.

(493.45 KiB) Not downloaded yet

I don't 'consider myself a racist person, but I will acknowledge that I cannot draw black people to save my life. A little ethnic diversity in a project like this should really be a good idea, and I have tried to add a few different races here and there, but they end up looking like caricatures, rather than people, which is a problem. I tried to go for an egyptian aesthetic, to hopefully make it work, but I"m not 100% sold on this one. The jutting angle of her neck bugs me. That may be fixable. She also looks a bit like early michael jackson, and I had smooth criminal stuck in my head while drawing.

(398.53 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Did this one last night. I'm pretty happy with the way the coloring turned out, and there's just a bit more detail in the clothing, folds and such. I've been trying to do different head-tilts for a while, but they never turn out. This one I'm reasonably happy with. One of the better ones of the set, I hope. (real mages use cast in pink.)

(365.22 KiB) Not downloaded yet

The pose turned out on this one, but I am not happy with the face. Feedback is very welcome. I'm pretty sure the lips are the problem.

(379.59 KiB) Not downloaded yet

I was pretty happy with this one, he was from the other caster dump. I will likely tone down the glowy effect and do the circle effect that I had before.

Ruin Mage
(430.97 KiB) Not downloaded yet

This is another one that I posted a while back. Again, not super happy with the face. Like necromancy, I will likely do a circle effect instead of the magicy stamp.

(783.41 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Pretty happy with this one. One of the best. Tried a variety of different effects on the fox.

(623.07 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Do NOT like her eyes. re-did them four or five times, tried to make it work, still struggled. Happy with the wings, though.

(402.54 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Aubrey says the textures on this are too heavy. She's probably right.

(676.5 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Need to re-do her shield effect, I think, but the character itself turned out all right. Don't know if I like her hair.

That's it! 12 caster dump. I've got a couple of days waiting on other people to work with the file, so if there are any of these that don't quite make the cut, then I can re-do a couple. Or work toward the next group.
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