Arcane Foci

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Arcane Foci

Postby TheMatt » Fri Apr 25, 2014 4:23 am

Arcane Focus
Many casters choose to use an arcane focus, generally
a staff or a wand, to add extra power to their spells.
A focus has to be prepared in advance and attuned to the
caster, a relatively long process, such that an individual cannot
pick up someone else’s focus and begin using it on the fl y.

Caster’s Wand
A wand has the capacity to make spells faster. When using
a wand to cast a spell, the speed of casting for any spell is
reduced by one step, to a minimum of very fast.
Additionally, a character wielding a wand may take a very fast
action to charge that wand. The next spell fi red through that
wand gains a +2 equipment bonus to its spell power, spending
the charge. This kind of a charge can be held indefi nitely. While
charged, the wand will give off light as a torch.
Caster’s Staff
When casting through a staff, the character’s spell power
die is increased by one step.
Additionally, a character wielding a staff may also charge
their spells. If the caster takes a very slow action to charge
their staff with energy, they gain a +4 equipment bonus
to the spell’s power, spending the charge. This charge
can be held indefi nitely, and also gives off light as a torch.
A staff may also be used with quarterstaff statistics as a
melee weapon.

Double Wielding Foci
A character can wield one focus in each hand, choosing
which to cast each spell through. They can even hold a
charge through one focus while casting through the other,
saving one of the charges for an opportune moment

-from page 126 of B&W.

Leftover nubbins of a whole list of foci, which had the following abilities:

    Increase spell power die by 1 step
    Increase spell speed by 1
    Improve Overload Die by 2 steps
    May contain one spell of third circle or less, which can be cast even if the caster does not know that spell. Feedback is applied normally.
    May contain one spell of second circle or less. Breaking the seal releases this spell, incurring 5 feedback on the caster. The spell power is set for the seal upon creation.
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