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Postby Maugh » Fri Feb 22, 2013 9:12 am

Vol 1 still has errors. Lots and lots of errors. While it is somewhat sickening that we can work so long on a project and still miss crap like this, it does make a small degree of sense. This is a large project, with a very small team, and I've never been very good at catching that kind of stuff. My brain skims text, rather than reading it, so I really sort of speed-read everything that I write. This is not a good thing for copy editing. That and we had a file versioning problem, that apparently set us back a bit in terms of the game text. I will add them here as I find them.

These are edits that I am going to make. I will try to update the PDF's this weekend:

1. Weapon Technique Requisites. the "Master" ability for each tech group should have a requisite of 15 Melee/shot/thrown, instead of 10 techs.

2. The text for the story-building in the campaign is bordering on incoherent.
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