Volume 2: Advanced Content

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Volume 2: Advanced Content

Postby Maugh » Tue Aug 20, 2013 10:58 pm

"It's Advaaaanced..." (spoken in the voice of the Tallest Irken Invader.)

Initially, the book was about two to three times longer than it is. Due to printing limitations, we were restricted to about 250 pages max, which mean that we had to trim a lot. Rather than trimming everything out and consigning it to oblivion, we picked some of the most iconic and straight-forward concepts to build the first book, and saved a bunch of the more zany and advanced stuff for the second volume. If there is any interest in playtesting any of this content, I'd be happy to prepare you some PDF's that you can use to do so.

The second volume should be finished toward the end of this year, (we hope,) and will likely include the following:

The full High Magic system,
Including about 480 additional spells, from the following schools: Compulsion, Chronomancy, Divination, Enhancement, Healing, Hexing, Illusion, Necromancy, Ruin, Summoning, Transmutation, and Warding,

They are organized along Arcane Ideals, rather than elemental ideals, and have heavier interplay between the schools than the elemental system. They are spectacular, but setting up an arcane caster is a little more involved than an elemental one, so the elemental magics got the vote for the first book, while the Arcane went to book two. (Oddly, the arcane system is actually older than the elemental system.)

That one is in caps, because there are a LOT more. As in 70+ more. In addition to tripling the numbers for the animal, divine, demonic, fae, shapeshifters and undead, they also add the Draconic races, the Kami, and Psychic talents.

More weapon techniques.
There are a lot of great weapons out there that are a little obscure for the average player, mostly of the eastern slant. Chakram, Glaive, Claw, Rope Dart, Sicles, Kusari-gama, Shuriken, Fans, bucklers, and many others will be given their own weapon technique ability lists, while some weapons, such as the Katana, Pike and Heavy/Hand Crossbows will be added to the lists for previous weapon groups. Again, the list in Book 1 is the basics, enough information to use without getting overloaded. This book widens things considerably.

Ch'i Martial Arts.
Wushu-style martial arts are supernatural in their own rights, and we will be adding 8 schools of Wushu, Kung-fu-action-theater martial arts schools to the mix. Tiger, Mantis, Bear, Snake, Frog, Crane, Dragon, and Monkey schools will be inlcuded. (And yes, that includes all of the Furious Five, with a fair bit of street fighter for style.)

Magic Support Abilities.
There will be a few more support abilities for the Arcane and elemental system, wand/staff specializations and some others to change up the strategy for the casters, in addition to having more arcane foci, (rods, spellbooks, orbs, and talismans,)

Antipode, anyone? X-Slash? Combo spells and abilities for joint character strategies. (This is one of the few sections that is not largely written.)

Expanded world building Chapter.
The book as it is covers one continent and two sub-continents. There are three more continents to explore.

Between the two books, there will be more content than any one group can reasonably play through without dedicating several decades. We are about 40-45% of the way through the art for this book, which is usually the biggest impediment to finishing a project like this.

For the record, Volume III & IV will be monster manuals, and Volume V will be magic items and a crafting system.
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Re: Volume 2: Advanced Content

Postby TheMatt » Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:46 pm

At some point, you might consider releasing 'booklets', which are alternate versions of specific chapters.
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Re: Volume 2: Advanced Content

Postby TheMatt » Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:23 am

...and moving this thread to the 'additional content' forum as a Sticky.
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