Arcane Magic: 2A+B vs hi/low

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Arcane Magic: 2A+B vs hi/low

Postby Maugh » Wed Mar 12, 2014 9:56 am

Played a caster this last week, to test out the High/Low system for managing ideals. This next time, I am going to test the 2A+B mechanic again, to see how they look side-by-side.

What I mean by this is the method for translating the Arcane Ideals into feedback costs and spell power.

Under this setup, you have a primary and a secondary ideal. To get your spell power, you take the primary ideal and add the secondary ideal and divide by 3. To get the feedback, you add primary plus primary plus secondary ideals, and refernce a chart that goes from 3 to 60, to give feedback costs.

On this one, you add the primary plus primary plus secondary ideals, and refeernce the 3 to 60 chart for feedback cost, but take the highest ideal for the spell power.

On this one, your higher ideal is your spell power, and your feedback is determined by the lower of the two ideals, on a 1-20 scale, instead of the 3 to 60. This is by far the cleanest method, but it really loses the fine tuning of the primary/secondary ideal structure, where increasing a primary ideal will shift your magic in one way, but the secondary will shift it in another.
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Re: Arcane Magic: 2A+B vs hi/low

Postby TheMatt » Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:02 am

(2A+B)/3 = silly. Too much math.

P+P+S = good

Hybrid = Reasonable, table will need to cite which ideal is primary for a given school:
School | Primary | Primary| Secondary| TOTAL

High/Low = Meh
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