Spells Commentary

Do you have suggestions? Questions? Are there mechanical or balance problems?

Spells Commentary

Postby TheMatt » Fri Apr 04, 2014 1:38 pm

Going through the spells. 400 of them, so takes a bit. Well, less comment on spells. More on Arcane magic in general.

24 hour durations are silly, as are week long. Dresden files 'Daybreak/Nightfall” or 'Full Moon” instead?
Advocate for 'until dispelled' for solution.
Null field – with the opposed schools, a 'versus' spell for each school?
Null field – for certain circles of spells
Null field – a spellpower check against (standing counterspell)
High level spells can just be longer duration versions of low level spells?
Not a fan of the arcane shield spells, especially as the require the instacast mechanic.
'soak spells' effectively act as bonus HP
Really like wall of shields—add topology to a battlefield, which I always like. Should add some rule on the limitation on the number of energy constructs you can have active at a time
self suppression interesting, a sort of meta-magic
A duration shortening spell?
A talisman, held, necessary for instacast?
// weapon, a magical weapon
Adds to power of spell, spellpower.
Adds bonus range, or duratino
Are their spells that Give DR?
DR vs an element
DR vs. edged weapons
DR vs. metal
Ward spell that raises a weapons amp to 10.
Pacifist ward is compulsion.
Spell ward that requires a spell check to overcome?
Elemental trap...do traps belong in warding?
Where to 'triggered' or 'contingent' spells belong? Is it a school characteristics.
Really like 'brittle barrier' spells, that take one attack and 'pop'.
One attack, or one spell of a given circle.
'Damage reduces duration a very interesting mechanic. Again, only one active at a time.
Wards are kind of funny. The overlap with enhancement in many places, and detriment in others, and some with compulsion...
A lot of things in warding seem to be 'constructs', objects made of ectoplasm. Or glowing fields, a la FinalFantasy.
The damaging effects, proximity damage from elements...keep in elemental system?
Arrow screen good—wards against specific types of weapons and attacks.
Transmutation used to contain all the 'construct' spells. Which is a kind of a weird place for them. But there are so many 'construct' spells, both as 'traps' and as 'pets', that it could practically be its own school
A split on modifying existing characteristics, vs. creating new critters/constructs?
Modifying the shape, vs. modifying properties
I do like 'dust'. Is the effect permanent?
A dust-like spell—liquify. Doesn't change material properties, just makes liquid.
Malleable—makes an object bendible like plastic
A 'make rope' spell.
Ahdesion is a good spell
As is brittle...objects that manipulate object properties.
Flood---a fire equiv—produce fire? Both elemental spells.
I do like the 'X-shift' and 'beast form' spells.
// Make and Mend – Counterfit. Creates a apparent duplicate of any object. Caster holds original object in one hand, and appears in other.
Spell effect – anchor, or shackle—no move
Coma, stun, shock – inability to act
halter, bind, entangle – no attack
Do all the summons have a...single cast?
Did all the 'boom' spells get duplicated in the elementals? Either fire or lightning, heat or cold?
Spells that move people about (detonation) were moved to wind, verdad?
Why are dispells in the destruction school?
Greater/Lesser Spells should be a single spell, with boost.
Boost works thus: “Treat as a second circle spell: Effect+1”; “Treat as a 3rd circle spell: Effect+2
Much mention of “Chaos X”. Little mention of 'order'
Necromancy just creating a goon army of undead...and bonuses to them. Kind of 'meh' on it as a school. Not 'broad' enough.
'Dead fog' is dead cool.
No 'drain' spells in necromancy? Necromancy not just about the dead, also about 'death', and the transfer from life into death...
480 spells is a lot..12 schools, 40 per school....reduce to 360? Drop circle 5, or only have 3-4 spells? 6/8/8/6/4.
Some of these spells are just awesome. 'Death Clock'. Mwahaha.
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Re: Spells Commentary

Postby Maugh » Thu Apr 10, 2014 1:58 pm

These are really useful, by the way. I just need to finish the summary lists and intro paragraphs in order to put out playtesting docs for the magic.
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