Development, 6th Year of the Lord Bishop

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Kahn = con?

Postby ben » Wed Apr 06, 2011 11:36 pm

Yeah, even though it isn't "real" I get anxious about this deal. What skill would contribute to being a shrewd business man? Will Tick have the knowlege to read through and see any discrepancies in the contract? Tick is an inventor not a business man, and that creates challenge for sure. I love the idea of trying though, if for nothing but making the shivering manitcore sweat. Thanks for a great campaign James. I really enjoyed the social aspect. You are very good at character creation which I love.
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Re: Development, 6th Year of the Lord Bishop

Postby Maugh » Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:11 am

The standard skill for cutting deals and making profits would be haggle, but there's nothing wrong with you devising a more subtle or specific "Businessman," sort of skill.

Maybe instead of haggle, it should be "Business."

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Re: Development, 6th Year of the Lord Bishop

Postby Matt' » Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:13 am

Keep haggle as a general skill. This is the circumstances knowledge profession skills were intended for.
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Response and Post

Postby James » Mon Apr 11, 2011 7:37 pm

I agree to keep Haggle for what it should be. If that businessperson is creative, they may invent a good way for it to be used in the future as well (no you may not Haggle with Storyteller over damage). Empathy is very, very important to not being rolled in business. Even if you can't dish it back as well, you will at least know when someone is trying to swindle you and maybe they need to be reminded that in addition to being a business owner, you are the inventor and only user of the Lightning Spire and it can slag their office in a could rounds.

The Lurch and the Launch...almost.

Hello again, everyone! I hope that you all had fun. Seemed to to me. I tried to push the pacing better in this, but guess I failed a little with the hints I was trying to drop about the cart and rail. Sorry about that. Still, very good job surviving the few Kirst'Ahnul you fought! They are not easy. Too bad you are near an entire nest...maybe next time, if you don't figure out a better way, you will see some of my new ones and a few more of the old. Maybe even a Soldier or Melting type. Kinda excited, actually, you know me and my pet monsters. I will try to move it along to get to the main event, though, because it will be the majority of the session. (Thanks to Reed for helping with the design over the course of a few weeks at work).

You guys are too good at Drinking Games (or at least Herja and Jabronie are). I need to invent a bit trickier ones. I bet with his Alchemy, Jabronie could invents some bizarre and interesting kinds of alcohol himself. I like the thought of breaking out the kit to examine what you are being served. I know you said you wanted the low key version, but in my mind's eye, I saw the kit on the table. The whole Steel Gristle Tavern was fun for me. I liked the picking on Tick and the reactions from the party, even Trelok's ruthless destruction of an unknown golem creature. "Singularity first, ask questions later"...of an inert corpse.

XP - 12 for all!

The idea of our new experimental progression is the open up the characters. I hope you keep that in mind while leveling, especially those of you who can buys spells and more spells. Not much that I saw was done with the Additional skills, except for the lovely stone and shadow sculpting from Trelok. One day you need to do something big with that. Maybe you could help design a facade for Tick Tock's and draw more business.
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Re: Development, 6th Year of the Lord Bishop

Postby ben » Tue Apr 19, 2011 10:52 pm

Poor Tic, going to the bar was probably like the return to high school, or some other equivelant. "They've been laughing since I can remember, but they're not not going to laugh anymore." No, no, it was all in good fun. Honestly I am suprised TIc kept his cool. I don't know what stopped me Marlin's scowls or the beefed up body gaurds that always seem to be placed outside James' taverns... that is what stopped Tic rather. Looking back on it, I felt like I should have thought of repairing the track, so I don't know if I would take all the blame for this one James. Thanks for a fun campaign, even if it was a little impromptu.
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