Youngling Game

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Youngling Game

Postby Maugh » Sun Nov 28, 2010 12:36 am

I hung out with Shaun and Chad tonight, ran a shortish game. It was buckets of fun, and I got some good quotes out of it. Aubrey played a Fire Fae, (I think the name was Sephret), Chad played a Dryad, and Shaun played a 'Taur, which he really enjoyed. Got some great quotes.

So, I used the big d30 for Shaun's char on the map, and when we hit a lull, I was spinning it, as dice are done. This was Shaun's Response:
"Oh yeah! Ah'm a break-dancing minotaur! Check me out! WHOOO!"

They killed a Dagda, a fuzzy beast with horns, and Shaun also wanted to keep them. "I want it's horns! That way I can have four of them! I'll make a party hat!"

They were forbidden from going into the forest. The first thing they did, of course, was go into the forest. I asked about it, and he said: "If the guy says don't go into the forest, we go into the forest. That's just the way this game works!" Some truth in that.

Tons of fun. Chad's character was a little neurotic, and Aubrey, as usual, just wanted to light them on fire.
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