Allison's Game

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Allison's Game

Postby Maugh » Tue Aug 13, 2013 2:51 pm

So, we gamed last week, with Josh & Allison & Josiah, and Allison was kind enough to GM, which means that I got to play, (which is awesome.) The characters were as follows:

Josh's Snake:
Josh was playing a Carnac Dagger character, whose name escapes me. Josh wanted to toy around with the dagger techniques, and has taken serpentine grapple-murder to a whole new strategic height. This is one of the best examples of bonus-stacking that I've seen, (aided by the fact that his character was rolling between 10 and 12 the whole night,) and he was able to combine all three of the bonuses to do the kind of damage that usually takes a lot of cooperative strategy to pull off. Well played. It's nice to see the daggers done well. Daggers + Backstab + Grapple + blindspot + counterattack = consistent double-crits with the daggers, three and four times per round. That stacks up quickly, making him a solid DPS engine.

Josiah's Sylph
Josiah played a Sylph archer, flying up above and raining death and distraction from above. Good use of some of the abilities, and set up in a way that made him effectively untouchable in combat. Nice. His character was also an Int build, which I don't see often, but it's nice to see a character who can drop high Lore checks. Keeps the party from running around like blind idiots.

Murder DuRathi:
My Vraaj, Good old Murder, demonic nobility. He hired, (bought, if you ask him,) a monthly laborer, who has so far been very patient traveling with the adventuring group. Murder uses a greatsword, (But may trade up for the axe,) and has invested in some pyromancy, which didn't see much use outside of his initial hit.

Allison's game:
We started in a desert town, perused the local market, harassed the local population, and picked up the materials for a few component-style fetch quests, then went off into the desert. Finding the outpost camp, we harassed more locals, gathered information about the local region. We also chased will-o-wisps.

The quest?
To the desert, to find an artifact for a local merchant, who wants it for its potential political influence. We'll see if the value of the artifact exceeds the value of the merchant, to determine how it is handled after the fact.

The combat!
We beat up some silver dagger-wielding desert goblin things, who were tunneling around and trying to ambush us. Th party is fairly well put-together in terms of combat, which should make things interesting. Allison has been working with the monster manual, which justifies a lot of work, and hopefully helps make her job easier.

So that's the game. I'm hoping t be able to run this game again this Wednesday, if Allison can do so. I quite enjoyed it.
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Re: Allison's Game

Postby TheMatt » Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:27 pm

What times are you playing? Karate is taking me to 6400 South and I-215 on Mondays and Wednesdays.
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