Resource management backwards?

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Resource management backwards?

Postby Maugh » Sat Feb 15, 2014 2:53 pm

Here's a thought. In video games, things are often about progression. You start with weak weapons, low resources, and build up as you go. You gain money, xp, and level up! Yay!

But then the game has to get harder to compensate. You get a sense of accomplishment and progress by improving and beating tougher enemies, but ultimately you're running the same engine, just on a larger scale.

What if it were backwards? What if you started a game with a million gold, at level 50, and with the greatsword of badassery, but then, as time goes by, things fall apart. What if you DONT acquire gold, but have to spend it to progress. What if your weapons get dull and useless, and enemies, as you go, get subtly weaker, but smarter, thereby increasing the difficulty of the game? Your character ages and weakens over time, and by the end of the game you are a frail waif, the hero who has defeated a thousand foes and bears the scars to show for it. The last enemy, toward that final accomplishment is the weakest enemy in the game, the one crafty, petty little demon with nothing but its fingernails, that you might, just might have enough strength left to kick over and achieve your final goal. To rest.

How rewarding would it be finish a game like that?
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Re: Resource management backwards?

Postby TheMatt » Sat Feb 15, 2014 7:08 pm

Not very. Well, not precisely. It's not an RPG, it's a resource management game. Because you need to defeat the end boss before all your gear wears out. RPG's are endemic because they are SIMPLE. If the designers goof up the difficulty on Gatekeeper/Boss, you can grind your way past it. Adventure games like Zelda or Secret of Mana have to be better 'tuned' than an RPG.

Secondly, the way RPGs work is that as you level up, you get more options. Initially, few choices. Further in, more choices, with greater nuance. FF starts with FIGHT and ITEM. Then a character adds a class specific option, like JUMP or STEAL. Many later class abilities have a sub-menu under their class ability. These include MAGIC, TOOL, BLITZ, SWORD TECH, DANCE, etc, with the number of options rising over time.
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