Mafia vs The Batman

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Mafia vs The Batman

Postby Maugh » Fri Dec 10, 2010 6:01 pm

So, I was at work, running a psych tech group, and I was feeling considerably lazy, tired, sick, and burned out from school, so instead of running a therapeutic group, I decided to play Mafia. One of the kids had a brilliant idea:

Why doesn't Mafia involve The Batman?

So, we made some adjustments, and threw him in there. First off, this plays just like regular Mafia, (if you don't know how, I pity you,) but with a couple of minor differences in the roles. Oh, and no Civvies. Civilians are for chumps.

So you get some face cards, equal in total number of those you have in the group. You'll need a few kings, a few queens, a few jacks, each in roughly equal numbers, and one ace. You then pass them out to people, so they know their roles. People don't see anyone's card but their own. One person, who doesn't get a card, is a judge, and runs the game. The judge tells everybody to lower their heads and close their eyes, and one by one, each of the roles will raise their head and make an action, based on their role.

The roles and actions are as follows:

Jack: Mafia. During their action, they collectively select one person to remove from the game.
Queen: Lawyers. During their action, they collectively select one person to grant immunity.
King: Detectives. During their action, they collectively select one person, and the judge will tell them whether they are the mafia or not by silent signal.
Ace: The Batman. The batman also selects one person to investigate. If they are mafia, they are immediately removed from the game. If not, the batman must wait until the next turn to continue investigation.

After everybody has had a turn, everybody raises their head, and all actions resolve, the judge informing everyone of what happened. Then, everybody gets to vote for one person they think is the mafia, starting with the person who was given immunity by the lawyers. Once someone is removed, everybody lowers their heads and the next round beings. If voting ends in a tie, nobody is removed. The immune person cannot be voted for, nor can they be caught b the mafia or the batman that round.

The exact number of each roles given out should vary based on the group. If the mafia seem to be winning consistently, trim out a few of the mafia an replace them with lawyers. If the mafia seem to be losing consistently, trim out the lawyers and add a few more mafia. There can be only one Batman. We played with 10 people, and we had 3 of each role and 1 batman.

In regular mafia, it's really little fun to be a civilian. People always want the 'cool' roles. This game involves more mafia, more lawyers, (who used to be angels), and of course, the Batman. Really, who doesn't want to be the batman in Mafia? Because the batman is eliminating mafia, there may need to be extra mafia, to keep things balanced. No civilians means everybody is doing something.

Oh, and James, this one's for you:
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