'80 years way'

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'80 years way'

Postby Matt' » Wed Sep 14, 2011 1:16 am

High Concept: Arcana Meets Dominion

Two armies, contesting for supremacy...constant war has become the natural state of things.

To win, you must build the best army possible by augment your own levies with mercenary troops. While the professional mercenary troops are better disciplined and trained than your own, they are less reliable.

Each unit has a discipline and loyalty scores. Discipline determines how much hurt a unit can survive. Training determines how much damage is can deal. When the total bribes played on a unit exceed its loyalty score, it is discarded to the MERC pile.

Contest for control of estates, towns, and provinces.
Place a territory between each player, and one in the center of all players.


RECRUIT: Draft mechanic, cards available (face up) = players+3. Take turns picking, discard the last one. Pay for mercs using $$ generated by the income produced by discarding territories in your hand. (Symbolizing resources that territory generated that 'year'). Some territories do not produce $$, but may instead be played directly as 'home guard' troops. Reinforcement 'home guard' troops your starting deck contained may also be played. You may also play 'training' cards on units already in play.

FIGHT: Commit troops in play to contest a territory. Take turns either Reinforcing or Assaulting. To Reinforce, commit any number of your troops in play* to one of the territories being contested. You can shift troops between locations with this action. To Assault, compare the total value of your training to the total discipline of the opposing force. If it is greater, discard the unit with the lowest discipline. Prior to eliminating the unit, compare the total value the opposing forces training to your own discipline. If it is greater, etc. The territory is won when a) The territories 'control' value is exceeded, and the total value of your troops is greater than your enemies.


Start with 4 home guard, and a money producing estate.
'Home Guard' units are 1/1's.
'Training' cards are +2/+1 or +1/+2 or +2/+2. Some gives bonuses to whole whole army.

Chanson Chaplains/Province of Chanson
All units with 'Chanson' in their name are +1/+1.

Papal Throne/Papal Estates
Your entire army gets +1/+1.

Most territories can produce $$ or stand in as a unit--mostly mercenary units.
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Re: '80 years way'

Postby TheMatt » Tue Feb 25, 2014 12:40 am

Whoops. This was supposed to be "80 Years of War", a pun on the Hundred Years War.

"Sport of Kings" would have been a more appropriate name.
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