Hex Adventuring Game (The Way to Gilead)

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Hex Adventuring Game (The Way to Gilead)

Postby TheMatt » Fri Apr 11, 2014 12:57 am

("Is there balm in Gilead?")

You have a horrible, wasting disease. But you're not going to lay down and die, oh no. Not like the rest of those lepers. No, you (and your like minded companions) are going to Gilead. Where there resides a cauldron full of mystic balm that can cure any injury or ailment. But there is one problem: Gilead is on the other side of the known world, and the journey is fraught with danger. Given that the worse that can happen is that you die (which would happen anyway, but more slowly and painfully), you've decided to make the journey anyway.

First one to Gilead wins.

//crusades or pilgrimage, from Normandy in France to Jerusalem.
//The Hobbit,
//Moving around Arkham Horror

Mechanically, plays on a settlers board. Start on the corner of a single hex. 6 colors of hexes, each with a deck of encounters. Each time you move along an 'edge', roll an encounter check. Designate a deck as 1-2, one as 3-4, and no encounter as 5-6. Then draw from the resultant 'adventure deck'. Like the location decks in Arkham, the various zones are more or less fatal or useful, or even benign.

Where 3 hexes meet is a 'place'. Places are relatively benign. Relatively.
1) Instead of rolling, draw one for each of the adjacent hexes, and PICK one.
2) Some places may also have their own deck.
3) Other places just have a card that describes the things that can be bought there.

Acquire gear, both magical and mundane. Acquire injuries and curses.

Players can travel together. All players traveling together must agree to do so.
In an encounter, ANY player may beat any of the challenges that come up when traveling.
However, for each player traveling together, the encounter roll must be made.

Players may travel across a hex (effectively traveling 2 sides). In which case, they roll a die twice and on a 1-4 must draw an encounter. They may also travel directly across a hex, in which case they rolle 3 times.

The path to salvation is literally strewn with adventure. And adventurers. (The ones who didn't make it.)
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Re: Hex Adventuring Game (The Way to Gilead)

Postby Maugh » Fri Apr 11, 2014 2:56 pm

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Re: Hex Adventuring Game (The Way to Gilead)

Postby TheMatt » Wed Apr 16, 2014 1:19 am

Discard the dice roll, figure 9 sheets of cards, 6 terrain types, 12 'encounters' for hex. 3 or 4 of which are 'nothing happens', one is excellent, two are ok, and the rest are injurious.

There are 'cities' placed along the board. The city locations get determined by the sum number at the corner of each hex.

The highest and lowest 'odd numbers' get the bad places.
The highest and lowest even numbered totals get the Havens.

Eliminate the 'travel 2 sides' option. Instead, may travel 1 side, or 3 (aka 'accross'). Must move each turn, unless at a location with a Haven or City. (City has a market, can buy/sell).

Gear = Horse.

If you die en route, due to an encounter, you are 'lost'. Kindly travelers find you, and take you someplace else. Perhaps back, perhaps forward. You lose all your gear, and money. You may keep one (1) item, clutched in your grubby fist.

If you become 'lost' in the hexes too near Gilead, you are devoured, and not recovered(?)
"I can't tell if what you are saying is too profound for me to understand, or just insane".
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