December Report

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December Report

Postby Maugh » Thu Dec 01, 2011 1:42 am

So. James asked for an update, (and Matt and Beach have been putting pressure on to get another book out for playing as well,) so I thought I'd post our progress.

We had a minor setback in september that put us back a month or two. The file for the betabook got corrupted. We back up every once in awhile, so we didn't lose the whole thing, (havens, I would cry.) But I did have to re-fix a bunch of the text that we had already fixed. It took me a little bit, but it's caught up again now. I spent a big chunk of the thanksgiving break doing that.

Aubrey is currently working on pre-press, which is prepping all of the art and design to be printed as a final. This is a LONG PROCESS, and her pace is very slow. Along the way she has been working on some other sketches, because that's what she wants to work on, and I really can't force her to go any faster than she is going.

Aubrey says that she'll be posting a FINAL of the first four chapters in a few weeks. That's design, text, full-color art, and everything. I'm going to try and print a few new playtesting books when school is out, and I can send a PDF for James, if he wants to do the same.

Anyway. I know that this seems like a perpetual project. That's not any more frustrating to anyone else as it is to me. The reason why it works that way, I think, is just because I demand a professional quality from this, but we are doing it in free time on a volunteer basis. It's easy to say, "Just print it now," but I don't have full control over that, either. Aubrey and I are both very invested in this, which means neither of us will let shoddy quality material out of our sight. That combined with limited time-frame means that we are just going to have to take our time and get this right.

You can have quality, price, and speed, and if you're very, very lucky you can have two of the three, (we do,) but nobody gets all of them at once. If anyone wanted this to go faster, they'd have to donate so that I can pay for art, or pay me so that I don't have to work double shifts on the weekend, plus my full-time unpaid internship, plus classes, plus a hobby project. I've never asked anybody to do that, because I didn't think it was fair to ask money from people. All things considered, the progress we've made since august is remarkable.

Anyway, that's the update that I've got. I appreciate the interest that I have gotten, especially lately. I'll try to get things out the door so that we can get playing again. That may have to wait these last few weeks until finals are over.
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