Ranges for ground combat.

Ranges for ground combat.

Postby Maugh » Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:35 pm

Tested some of this with Caleb last night. Very interesting thing we ran into. I played a superhuman character with great agility and no armor, and tried to charge his combat android, which was much slower but had thick armor.

The SMG I had mocked stats for fired about 24 rounds point blank. Most of them missed. Then I died. On the other hand, the combat seemed to be working very well, up until I got into close range. Then it seemed silly.

COMBAT RULES SUMMARY (skip if disinterested.)

So a quick re-cap of the model for rules that we were using, and then what I think we learned.

A weapon has an accuracy, represented by d4 to d12. The defender has an evasion, (dodge) d4 to d12.

Each weapon also has a rate of fire, or number of attacks per round, (1 to 6), and a damage number (1 to 5.) They also have a clip size. Re-loading is done in place of a turn's attack.

Movement and actions are done in the classic dnd manner, where a character can move and attack each turn, and can attack anywhere on their move. Each character has a movement distance, from 2 to 6.

Each player had an overshield, which could take up to 5 damage before collapsing. Extra damage moves past the shield.

One a shield is down, location for attacks is rolled randomly. 1-2 legs 3-4 arms 5 torso 6 head. losing a leg negates movement. Losing an arm disallows that arm for attacking. Torso and head are lethal. It only takes one hit to disable any of these spots.

Ballistic armor gives each body part extra 'hit points,' soaking an extra damage or two.


My character had an evasion of d10, a movement of 5m, and an smg with an accuracy of d6, a rate of fire of 6 shots per round, and an 18-round magazine. I had no armor and an overshield with 5 hits. I had 2 smg's, but was only attacking with one eac time. Each hit did 1 damage.

Caleb ran a character with an evasion of d8, a movement of 3m, and had two weapons as well, one 2-handed rifle, (carbine,) and a hunting knife as a backup. The carbine had an accuracy of d8, 2 shots per round, and an 8-round magazine. The knife had an accuracy of d10, but could only attack at a 1 meter range, one attack per round. The knife did 3 damage. The carbine did 3 as well. Caleb's character, though slow and less dodgy, had an armor of 4.

I charged him, moving from cover to cover, while he hid behind a low wall with his rifle. I ripped off half a magazine coming after him the first time, taking down a bit of his shield, and he hit me once on the way, taking about half of my shield.

Then I was standing on the low wall, trying to empty my guns into his face.

Wierdly, I still missed most of the rounds. He ended up dropping his rifle and trying to hit me with his hunting knife, which took me out in about 3 rounds. pt. blank range with an SMG, vs a hunting knife, and although I did end up getting one lucky round where I dealt 5 damage, I got killed by his knife.

Effective Ranges:

Couple of things. His armor was awesome. Second, it shouldn't be so easy to dodge pt blank automatic gun-fire.

So we were brainstorming a bit, and came up with this idea. Rather than range increments, as has been done in other games, each weapon has three effective attack range categories. Close range, Standard Range, and Long Range. Close range gets a bonus, Standard is standard, and Long Range gets a penalty. The exact ranges, and their penalties, vary depending on the weapon.

For example:

Accuracy: d6
Rate of Fire: 6
Damage: 1

Close Range: 3 m, +4
Standard Range: 9 m
Long Range: 15 m, -4

Accuracy: d8
Rate of Fire: 2
Damage: 3

Close Range: 5m, +2
Standard Range: 15 m
Long Range: 25 m, -2.

Other Thoughts:
We also talked about a few other things, like scopes, not being able to dodge if you dont' move, soft vs hard cover, and a few other things.
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