Postby Caleb » Tue Jul 19, 2011 2:14 pm

Torpedoes will be a slower moving form of attack, a typical effect from a torpedo will be a stronger amount of damage but they are not limited to only one effect.

Torpedoes will not hit their target right away but instead will travel through the air at a slightly higher pace than a ship can move.

Simple Strategies -
Since shields recharge in between each turn, torpedoes could give a strategy where you are able to knock out a shield and attack with your laser guns in the same turn.

Long range attacks, typical guns have lets say X distance while if you are X * 4 distance you could still fire a torpedo and it will just take longer to strike it's target.

Simple Counter-Strategies-
Torpedoes could bet shot out of the air and not only shot out but with a much weaker weapon, therefore droids could be deployed with small guns to blast them out of the air, and of course you could always use a ship weapon to blast them. I assume there would be a way to run the enemy out of ammo for torpedoes as well.

Since this is sci-fi instead of sci-reality we could also allow engineers to "hack" the torpedo and send it in a different direction.
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Re: Torpedoes

Postby Matt' » Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:17 pm

Torpedos need to go more than 'slightly faster' than the movement rate of the ships chasing them. A 'straight line' limitation should be enough. You should include some mechanic to take out a torpedo as it travels. 'Hacking' the torpedos sounds useful, but the ability/skill to do so would have to have uses in other contexts as well.
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