Too Long?

Too Long?

Postby Maugh » Tue Mar 04, 2014 2:49 pm

The game has 17 trials, mostly because I thought 17 was a good number for Queen Mab. (I could explain why, but I'll spare you the internal numerology of rob's head.)

But the last few times that I have run it, I've noticed that I lose 2-3 players at about trial 13 or 14.

I could easily cut out 3-4 of the weakest puzzles and shorten the game, but would that cut out part of the experience? If so, which trials would need to go? I would say the Sprite's Trial, and maybe the Cerberus Gate? Maybe the mirror room? (introducing the Sprite at the end of Gruff's Trial,)

Here's a list:

William Gruff.
1. The Ogre
2. Cursed Keys
3. Gnome's Garden
4. Troll's Bridge
5. William Gruff.

6. Mirror Room
7. Siren's Chamber
8. Sleeping Tiger
9. 3 Corridors
10. Cerberus Gate
11. Sprite's Trial

12. Introducing Death
13. 3 goblets
14. Death's Vote

15. Retribution
16. Mab's Question
17. Freedom
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Re: Too Long?

Postby TheMatt » Thu Mar 20, 2014 7:09 pm

I would not miss a few. And 13 is as good a number as 17.
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